Website development

netMagnitude, LLC  builds beautifully-designed, well-functioning, sensible websites: they are highly effective in presenting your business, work, cause, personal or group objectives; readily found on google searches, load quickly; and reflect your personality and individual choices.

Every development project is specifically tailored to its owner’s unique business, organization, or personal needs, reflecting the overall purpose and objectives.  It ties in to the client’s identity, as well as pre-existing branding and marketing efforts.  Once the client approves the final project, it is uploaded, hosted, and continuously cared for. This is a full-service operation, and typically a long term relationship.

Our work is done by a mature, savvy web developer, experienced in the business world, and possessing Internet marketing knowledge.

To appreciate some of the key issues under consideration when planning a website project, you can read about the technologies we use to build websites.

Thank you for your interest. To find out how we can help you meet your goals, please Contact Us.