netMagnitude, LLC  offers a range of Internet marketing and SEO services. Much like the famous tree in the forest that nobody hears falling, we’ve always felt that there’s little point in having a beautiful website that nobody visits. Every effort should be made so that a website ranks highly on relevant subject searches.

Internet Marketing

Our Internet marketing efforts are customized to fit unique client needs. They may include introducing clients to social networks, or enhancing their presence and participation in them. And they may include the integration of Internet marketing and ‘brick and mortar’ marketing in a manner that is geared to creating synergies and added value.

netMagnitude, LLC  focuses on maximizing relationship building via social networks – particularly Facebook and Twitter – and the potential return to businesses, groups, and individuals from active participation in them. We can help establish your presence on social-networks and integrate it into a broader Internet marketing plan – whether for business, non-profit, or personal use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

netMagnitude, LLC  focuses on making websites more effectively-found by search engines and, as a result, attract more relevant site visitors. Relevant site visitors are those searching for your content – whether goods, services, causes, or special interests. Homing in on the relevant site visitors has the potential of gaining valuable new customers, supporters, or other viewers actively interested in what your website has to offer.

Our SEO efforts are pre-programmed into the website development process from the very start. Once launched, we follow the website and carefully monitor google search engine results over an extended period of time. Based on our findings, we make the necessary coding tweaks to improves google ranking.

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